Investment Strategy

Our approach

We have a concentrated investment portfolio and own stakes in businesses with strong growth potential where we feel we can add real value. We work alongside management and other stakeholders, always taking a long-term view because we believe long-term thinking is a prerequisite for growth. We focus on strong companies led by experienced management teams, generating stable cash flows and attractive dividend yield.

We focus our attention on sectors where we have specific expertise and experience, in particular wholesale, food and other consumer retail, logistics, media, and e-commerce.

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What we look for

While each investment is unique, there are a number of common characteristics we look for in all our investments:

  • Strong long-term growth potential.
  • Well-established brands with strong, defensible market positions in sectors with low volatility.
  • Prudently managed businesses which generate sustainable cashflows and the potential for attractive dividend yield.
  • Experienced, motivated, and credible management teams focused on delivering sustainable, long-term growth.
  • A long-term outlook and openness to working collaboratively with shareholders to assess opportunities for organic and inorganic growth.

How we add value

EP Group has an excellent track record growing businesses in the energy and infrastructure sectors. Building on this experience, VESA Equity Investment has prioritized sectors such as retail and logistics where we see similar structural opportunities for growth. We combine this growth track record with the deep knowledge and operational expertise of our senior team, derived from decades of building successful, market-leading, and pan-European businesses across multiple sectors.