Shareholding interest of VESA EQUITY INVESTMENT in PostNL rises

24. 11. 2022

Following the recent cancellation of certain shares held by PostNL (originally acquired by PostNL as part of its share buy-back program) the actual shareholding interest of VESA EQUITY INVESTMENT S.à r.l. in PostNL rose to 29.9%. In addition, VESA notified AFM (The Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets) its potential interest in PostNL of 1.5% which relates to a financial derivative transaction entered into by VESA. VESA is only able to exercise voting rights pertaining to the shares actually held by it (i.e. 29.9%). As a result, the percentage of voting rights VESA is able to exercise in PostNL’s general meeting remains below the 30% threshold and therefore not triggering any mandatory tender offer obligation.